Poem: “Seoul Sister” Translated (part two)

Traditional Korean house, Pexels.com
Pixabay.com and an image of Akira Kurosawa, Japanese director

I am a Seoul Sister

literally born in Seoul, South Korea.

If I was born in the North

I couldn’t write this poem

living under dictatorship

where freedom of speech doesn’t exist.

But all Koreans have soul

their sad history could make you weep

if you want to listen.

They were imperialized repeatedly

by China and Japan

but China wasn’t fascist

like Japan which was the worst

at conquering and destruction.

Japanese nationalism was extreme

they believed that their Emperor

was literally divine

believed that they were

genetically superior to Koreans

although they were most likely

descended from them

they still deny this truth.

The appropriate word in Korean is

Jee-Do-Kheh which translates as:

cruelty without limit, torture, merciless.

Akira Kurosawa the famous director

once mentioned how thousands of innocent

Koreans were slaughtered by the Japanese

after an earthquake in Japan

they blamed Koreans for a fucking earthquake!

They cut off the noses of Korean soldiers

from spite to humiliate and degrade them.

Korean mothers begged for the return

of their children’s mutilated noses

so they could be buried intact

but they refused to acknowledge them

then after years of denial

the Japanese government sent them back

in tiny, nose-sized coffins, how absurd.

They sanctioned their government’s

years of mandated sex slavery

the massive gang rape and murder

of stolen women and children

they called them “comfort women”

and labeled them as willing prostitutes.

They forced captured Korean soldiers

to work as slaves in prison camps

they starved them first

then tricked them into cannibalism

they forced them to eat their own dead

the Korean war prisoners fought back

refused to eat the murdered humans.

These atrocities are rarely mentioned

because of honor and respect

Koreans have a lot of pride

they use silence as a strength.

But I’m a Korean American transplant

I feel no shame in speaking the truth

and will point my finger

in the direction of corruption

every chance I get to tell the truth.

I will speak for the dead innocents

for as long as I live.

Healing comes from acknowledgement

and that’s what I chose.


Heartbreaking True Story of Halmoni, Kim, Bok-Dong interview from Asian Boss, https://youtu.be/qsT97ax_Xb0

Warning: This video is shocking, Arrirang Special, interviews from enslaved “comfort women” in the Philippines and Korea, https://youtu.be/ISMaMzLT4MM

Arrirang Special, “Comfort Women” in China who were stolen from Korea and could never return home https://youtu.be/gVq_C2OCsp0

Arrirang Special, interview from an Australian “comfort woman” survivor https://youtu.be/Ri5RslyVJic

Thank you for reading about this overlooked topic. It’s difficult to read about suffering and corruption.


  1. What Japan did to Koreans must be mentioned in history and must be told everywhere to prevent such atrocities happening again.

    As philosopher George Santayana said, “Those who forget the past are condemned to repeat it.”

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