Do we want to know the Truth?

I’m naturally for the underdog and I advocate for equal treatment: women’s rights, the rights of people of color, are my specific causes but I believe any persecuted group deserves acknowledgement and support. But lately I’ve noticed an undercurrent in how media presents and distorts information to fit a political motive. I don’t enjoy being lied to by the mainstream media, the disinformation has gotten so bad that I rarely watch or read the news anymore. All mainstream media is owned by elites, it is definitely not impartial and lately the agenda has become so very obvious.

Minorities have been discriminated against, ridiculed, physically attacked, raped and even killed because of bigoted hatred; this is a tragic reality but faking hate crimes is not the solution. It hurts the true victims of hate crimes when fraudulent stories replace our reality; eventually we will stop believing that hate crimes happened at all. Celebrity Elitists like Jussie Smollett are a disgrace. Anyone with a platform as an “influencer” should be held accountable for creating a false hoax at the expense of the police and taxpayers and if Smollett wanted to demonize Trump supporters, he only helped to solidify them. I don’t support Trump or any politicians, I consider them all bought and sold. I think our votes count only on a local level and perhaps even that is rigged. I have no proof but it’s my gut feeling that our dream of democracy is an illusion.

Clearly Lying

Dave Chapelle’s hilarious Sticks and Stones video clip about Jussie Smollett

I find it implausible to believe that it’s a random coincidence that Kamala Harris’ anti-lynching bill and Jussie Smollet’s hoax occurred around the same time, (there was a false rumor that he was her nephew, not true) but he seems to have political connections with Democratic politicians. Text messages to Kim Foxx revealed that Tina Tchen who was an Aide to Michelle Obama interfered with the Smollett case and allegedly helped to get him a sweetheart deal.

Chicago Tribune

Kamala Harris quietly dropped out of the presidential race, I wonder why? She had a parade last year in Oakland, CA that closed street traffic for several blocks, all to pump up would-be Presidential hype for her. I laughed when she was caught lying about being a Tupac Shakur fan, she claimed to have smoked pot while listening to Tupac during college, (she admitted to inhaling unlike corny Bill Clinton) but Tupac’s music didn’t exist when she was in college. Politicians are such phoneys.

Another example of false media hype is the Matthew Shepard story. Matthew Shepard became the symbol for hate crimes against homosexual men when he was brutally beaten and murdered. What happened to him was horrific but it was not a hate crime against homosexuality. His murder was later independently researched and it turns out that the murder was most probably motivated by a bad drug deal, and one of the killers was Shepard’s lover. Why did the media chose to weave this gay bashing story? Shepard’s parents painted the picture of their son in the light that they knew of him and they probably wanted his image to be an angelic one vs as a drug addled man who was murdered by his gay lover.

Most people will never hear the truth of the situation and I believe that many people don’t want to know the truth, because it shatters the innocent victim hoax. Historically gay bashing did happen and might still be happening somewhere today, it’s disgustingly sick, but faking a hate crime is also absolutely wrong; the phrase, “the road to hell is paved with good intentions” comes to mind. Lying to people so that they’ll support your cause is despicable but our mainstream media does this to us repeatedly in many subtle ways. Do your own research while you can, before the information is suddenly removed from public access. We’ve been bamboozled.


  1. Those who fake hate crimes do incalculable damage. So many people don’t want to believe that their bigotry is a dangerous thing. When they hear that a bigoted attack is false, it’s so easy just wash over the attacks that are real.

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    1. Yes it’s like the boy who cried wolf, next time no one would believe Smollett if a real hate crime actually happened against him. That fact that he still won’t admit that he lied and is getting away with it, no court trial and non-existent community service, speaks so loudly about government corruption, without his connections he’d be in jail awaiting trial.

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    1. Thank you, Christopher. It’s gotten so confusing separating fact from fiction in the news, I think so called “fake news” was created to discredit true stories that the mainstream media wanted to hide. When CGI improves that’s when reality as we know it will be indiscernible from fiction, very troubling, but at least the false confidence we had in trusting the news is over for a lot of people.

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