My new Seoul Sister emojis

I was admiring blogs that have emoji avatars and I just discovered this free app called Emoji Me. I’m going to test it out and most probably will buy the complete pack of outfits. It’s interesting and fun to customize how you view yourself in cartoon form.

Which one do you like better? Hair up or down? I’ve been wearing my hair in a ponytail lately because every day feels like a bad hair day! But I want to start being more stylish again (hairstyle only) fashion-wise, I prefer function over form, not form over function. I like being comfortable and casual.

My signature look is: black eyeliner with red lipstick, tshirt, brightly colored jeans and sneakers. I’m guilty of being critical of Millennial culture, but I do like emojis.

I wonder how nunchucks got to be so mainstream, my brother made his own nunchucks when he was a teenager, he was a Bruce Lee fan.


  1. Hair down looks fine on the first emoji and harsher on the second. (I think the smile helps–no matter which emoji you selected.) I’ve had my emoji for a few years. Fortunately, I had it saved because I can not recreate it and the new bitmogi app version does not give the same options as the original version did.

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  2. I think my favourite avatar is you saying Ahn Young Ha Sey Ho.

    If I ever visit Vancouver again and re-visit some of the Korean restaurants I used to go to when I lived there, I can say that when I come through the door.

    If anything, I’d probably give the staff a good laugh at my probable pronounciation. 😀

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    1. Thanks for your input, Christopher, I like that one too. Korean restaurant staff will probably feel complimented at any attempt,( I gave the formal/respectful version which is better), humility and good manners are the foundation of Korean culture. 🙂🍱❣️

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