Seoul Sister Films: Where are the Asians? Episode 4: Stranger Things Without Asians

I enjoyed Season One of “Stranger Things” but it got progressively cheesy. Why are there so many fan boy inspired films? Was the 80s the last era of originality?! And as usual, Asians barely exist in All-American, apple pie lovin’ Hollywood mainstream culture. Hollywood is so elitist and exclusionary. Yuck.


  1. That’s why it’s so hard to relate to Netflix shows! I remember when I saw Asians in Orange is the New Black, it was so grossly sexual I could barely watch it. And then in Dead to Me we were portrayed as such nerds. Can’t win.

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    1. Hi Justine, thanks for your comment. You’re right, I forgot that even when there are Asians being represented, they’re portrayed as villains doing Kung Fu, nerds and/or the women are sexualized. I don’t think it’s accidental how they’re marginalized but there’s hardly any mention of this in media or Hollywood.

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