Poem: Stream of Consciousness: Untitled #3

Greg Jeanneau, Unsplash.com


you have chosen you here/not the previous pattern/according to what you pay like printing presses/shooting immemorial light/each own would have understood the passing tone/like actresses selling the sinking and fainting time/the declined depths of earth/the timbre and intonation weeps/near rose light vibrations not yet ventured/this woman here leaves moved/esteemed humbly in different applications/of ruined excessive hearts/I guess you’ll reverse this impression/with the scent surrounding forms/of ecstatic acceptance or abysmal rejection.


the doctors prescribed many circumstances/pleasant tone with words/finding doubt their aftertaste side-effects of disappointment/years and months and days craft fools/meeting previously lost/they remain attached/pressed against this redemptive/science can not shadow amazement/that far complete these sweet versatile mysteries/that cannot be re-invented/into stained steeled/mechanized hellish/into cyborg cyclops/mutilated perfection.


the child embodied wholesome hope/invited the song/the bird guide lingered into fluid time/entered the obscure hypnotic effect/they are one with the divine/beloved immortal glimpse/the fragrant luminous infinity folds/wrapped in miraculous attire/clothing glided through verse/cold marble castle floating cloud home/the thought could talk manuscript songs/engraved with cloud shine and singing abalone pearls/silver pink magenta/fuchsia blue aqua/purple turquoise sparkling peacock gold.


being named you forget caution/interested and forgets them/the artist measured the money/officially acquired failure of modern human/with fabric folds still dressed/in unfinished illusion/the joint will rust tough and die/recognize the name the nation/their children recovered the lightning quick strange/shocked with clairvoyance his eyes photograph this secret/the eyes replied our moral ugliness entered the fields of death/dropped into the darkness born of possession/your veiled eyes are worn with ugliness/the dream light torches you/coated with material dungeon/Hollywood CIA Politicians.


the registered leaders are disappointed/superstitious with lost honey/money would find another hosting/invisible venomous enormous/too much time in secret things/indifference remained insensitive/thinking love’s charity will rescue them eventually/the melancholy charm of fame’s harm/the black veil of fallen trickster lies/caught them drowning in false bliss/titanic celebratory disasters/despair fraud and forgery in the devil’s hanging garden.


tinted glass masterpiece/see this the novice vain square/the ritualist’s false mirror/the double crossing dagger is self-piercing/celebrity pawns learn this too late/the hidden appears when you’re not looking/you are right about the electric clock/the beautiful book school door measures/and does give unparalleled rereads/inclined towards the center chest/it’s not incurable our doubt/one age can movement us out/granted voice you were not going/so stay miscalculate/try again/endlessly hope/even the dimension may increase/recognize restriction and perpetuity/the beauty of our race will depend on wisdom.


are you tonight fixing the floral emblem/his lapel became special/memorable words they called seem lighter/aloud the spacious altitudes/feel forever climbing/refined not irritated by sorrow/leave tomorrow for today/reveal reality right/the art your passion gives you/sound away the fright/embodied star speed travelers of light/ascending angels of dimensional sight/followers of Good which is Right which is God/that breathed into us Life.


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