Brave Ricky Gervais speaking the truth

I am so impressed with Ricky Gervais, I hope they don’t “suicide” him. Mr. Gervais is not conservative or a Trump supporter, he’s a liberal who believes in free speech. I think he’s a genius comedian and this monologue will be legendary. Comedians are truth tellers, the fool gets to speak the truth and gets away with it by saying, “I’m joking”. I applaud Mr. Gervais. I think his humor is a light in the darkness.


  1. Could you imagine Ricky Gervais hosting the Oscars? He is not afraid of throwing stones at the establishment. His line about Kevin Hart says it all. Thank you, Judy. Lmao 😄

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    1. He’d be awesome hosting the Oscars, but he seems like he doesn’t want to host anymore. I like how his jokes are both funny and serious. He’s getting a lot of criticism from the liberal media but getting much admiration from regular people. Thank you too, Sylvester 😄❣️

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    1. It seems that that open-minded ability to cross political divides is very rare nowadays. I used to be classically aligned with liberals but they’ve gotten so extreme with political correctness that I’m disgusted and disillusioned with them. I didn’t even know the awards show was happening, I saw his monologue on YouTube. Thanks for your comment.

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