WordPress Hiatus

I’m taking a break from WordPress but will still check in sometimes and will reply to comments. I think it’s a lot of work to keep an unpaid blog interesting and updated while working full-time and being a single mom. I might post a few “Seoul Sister Film” parodies of Hollywood films/shows, those are fun to make and easy to create and I might post a haiku here and there, blogging is so addictive!

Sometimes I think I put too much energy into this blog, especially because I often write about controversial, unpopular topics: pedophiles, Elites, feminism, racism, domestic violence, memoir and political corruption with poems interspersed…what was I thinking?! 🤯 I write about controversial topics because I think they’re important, no matter how disturbing they are but my latest post received less than 10 likes :(, and I think it reflects a general disinterest in the topic I chose: exposing Hollywood formulaic propaganda and negative media programming. I’m still going to write about these things, but I’m on an indefinite break for now.

I hope you continue to follow Seoul Sister, but if you don’t, I wish you well. Thank you for reading my posts, liking and commenting; this blog wouldn’t feel worthwhile without a supportive community. Your comments make me laugh and feel understood, and they often bring more insight to my posts. I will miss you guys!😢

Super short video clip of Ricky Gervais, (my latest hero), defending free speech and outing politically correct, “cancel culture”. He’s not a right wing, Trump supporting conservative (neither am I), he’s a true liberal who’s courageous enough to speak truth to power, risking his career and possibly his life! (example: creepy Kevin Spacey, “killing them with kindness” 3 of his accusers DIED last year, I think one even died by “suicide”)!!!