Poem: Trolls and Mosquitoes (haiku in 3 variations)

A troll stayed up last night to attack my post about a man who was murdered because of his stolen laptop. The troll was probably annoyed that he couldn’t publish his mean comments so he kept sending them, he sent about 5. He’s now blocked. What kind of an asshole insults a murder victim? How low can you get? He celebrates nihilism. What a fool.


Trolls and mosquitoes

The parasites of the world

Nobody likes them.


They can rant and rage

Just shows their stupidity

Nobody wants them.


They laugh at murder

Write about nihilism

Nobody loves them.

What a compassionate person!


  1. Nicely done Judy. Great set of haiku. I read about that horrible incident. Almost hard to believe. Such a horrible tragedy. One can feel the sting of that mosquito far more than we should. Have a blessed day. Love 💕 Joni

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      1. I photographed the trolls comments and posted that instead of approving his rant, to let everyone see what a compassionate person he is (not)! 🙂


  2. I felt the same about people who insulted yingying Zhang for getting into a white guys car and getting killed. People kept saying she’s a slut for trusting a white guy because white guys had bigger dicks. And it’s like how much of the worlds tragedy are you going to tie to your insecurity?

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    1. I hadn’t heard about that murder, sounds terrible. I think it’s wrong to blame the victim, no excuse for the crimes! It sounds crazy too that comments were supporting stereotypes about white guys being bigger than Asian guys. There’s so much negative portrayal of Asian men as being effeminate and tiny and Asian women as horny, sex slaves. There’s a good documentary about it called, “Slaying the Dragon”, I highly recommend it.

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      1. Ha, I know what you mean, the stereotypes are so ridiculous that they’re funny, since we’re laughing at the stupidity of it, I think it’s ok. The documentary, “Slaying the Dragon” was local, not widely distributed (unfortunately), I posted a few short montage clips from it on this blog because I figured no one would be able to find the film otherwise.

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  3. That is pretty low.

    Insulting a murder victim.

    Trolls are not only mosquitoes.

    They are self-producing dung beatles.

    They can only live and feel right at home in the midst of all the excretement they themselves produce.

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      1. 4 days in the hospital, that’s awful! Mosquitoes are so sneaky! I didn’t realize they could cause so much damage, now I dislike them even more. For some reason they would bite only me, not my boyfriend during camping trips, they seem to like sweet blood, those little creeps! 😄

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  4. I love that you took his negativity and destructiveness and turned it into creativity. It reminds me of how Greta Thunberg turns her detractors criticisms into motivation and publicity. She uses their energy against them by turning it into a productive energy for her goals.

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    1. Hi Harrisees, at first I felt attacked but then decided to get his intention out of my space the best way that I could 🙂everyone has a right to their opinion, but some people have no respect. I think Greta Thunberg is so strong and fearless. Thank you for your comment.

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