Poem: I want the world that they sold to us, the one that never existed

I want a fair and just society. I want the honorable world we thought we were living, where the court system is unbiased not bribed to the highest bidder or politician.

I want police that protect and serve, we the people, not the hidden elites in power. Police that care not stare, at the demoralization that comes from poverty and generational abuse.

I want everyone to have a home, a safe and private place to rest in, not a makeshift tarp tent under an overpass bridge, not a filthy, stained sleeping bag or matted blanket on the cracked concrete sidewalk.

I want love to be the priority, love not sex, not rape, not exploitation. I want us to experience unconditional love that we should have received since birth, but some of us didn’t because we were raised by damaged people, doing their best (but it felt like their worst).

I want children to be safe anywhere, everywhere protected. I want everyone to remember how vulnerable and powerless it is to be a child, and to never take advantage of their natural innocence.

I want elders to feel respected and needed in the world. Disregarding them, is disregarding history and all the sacrifices they made to clothe and feed us, they made our lives better through their suffering.

I want women to be treated with equality to men, while also being appreciated for their uniqueness. I want men to be treated with equality to women, while also being appreciated for their uniqueness. Sex is not a battle, sex is sacred union.

I want greed and profit eliminated because profit is always at someone else’s expense. I want tax avoiding corporations bankrupted, un-incorporated, elite monopolies disbanded. Corporations were never people, no matter how it was branded.

I want the earth to be tended to like a garden, I want the animals (including us) to be sweetly cared for by each other. Wouldn’t it be beautiful, if we loved ourselves and our world, our only home, more than we love: possessions, status, power, mere sexual gratification or money?



  1. Love not sex. That took a loooong time for me to figure out. And yes, especially not rape!!! How could someone not even have sex with someone who is repulsed by them and does not want to fuck them? I would feel so destroyed if I’m ever in a position where I feel like I’m raping someone. Don’t you want to have sex with those who love you? How ceazy

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    1. You have a compassionate heart, it’s difficult for good people to think like psychos. I actually think that porn encourages men to see women as things to rape and abuse, it desensitizes normal men and encourages crazy psychos to commit crimes.

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  2. Me too dear Judy. One earth and one people. We must get along for the sake of the children. Nature need us less than we need her. We need the bees, the trees and clean water. If we don’t change. Men will destroy themselves.

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    1. I hope human wise up quickly! The pollinates are dying from pesticides, the oceans are polluted with huge and tiny bits of plastic that doesn’t biodegrade…so many things. Nature can survive happily without us but it might be a devastated planet too full of deserts. 😞

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