Amber Heard and Johnny Depp

I know I criticize celebrities and give much hate to Hollywood, but I’m also guilty of being distracted by their dramas. I just found this video on YouTube and for unknown reasons I clicked on it. I used to like Johnny Depp and his quirky films, but thought he seemed troubled for most of his life.

I’ve been in an abusive relationship and this clip triggers me. Amber Heard is verbally abusing and admitting to physically abusing Johnny Depp in this clip, (I actually thought He was the drugged out abuser). This is a recording that their counselor advised them to record, so they could listen to it later and process their communication. It’s a long conversation but it’s obvious to me that Depp is the calm, voice of reason; Heard is the gaslighter, she sounds manipulative and insane in this clip. I think she’s mentally disturbed but I think Depp is also disturbed in his self-destructive obsession to be with her.

Where did the bruise go?
Really? 💩

How disgusting can you get? Why was he in love with her?!!!🤯! She filed charges against him 2 days after his mother died! So evil. Johnny Depp was a cutter at one point in his life, I think he still has many demons and that’s why he was with such an abuser. His energy is full of darkness, he’s in a band called the Hollywood Vampires and he championed the West Memphis Three who were imprisoned for SRA murders of two young boys.

(All the screenshots above are from various clips from “Incredibly Average”, there’s a whole in-depth series about this drama, on YouTube.


  1. I totally feel you! Openly talking about violence that happens in a relationship is hard (ive been there). But she managed to talk about it so easily and openly that it mad me suspicious in the first place that it was 100% true. We could all see this coming. repeat offfenders always go back to what they know! RED FLAGS PEOPLE! RED FLAGS!

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    1. Totally, until I heard her actually admitting and verbally abusing, I assumed Johnny Depp lived a rockstar druggie lifestyle, thought he was blacked out or something. He was at fault for falling for her manipulation but I can relate though, when you’re in love you’re kind of temporarily delusional!


    1. I thought so too, I think they’re both dysfunctional, but she is definitely abusive. I had the feeling that she was after his status/money, he did the classic mid life crisis move to leave his gorgeous wife, Vanessa Paradis for her. I guess he learned his lesson. I shouldn’t feel sorry for him, he has an entire pirate island! He’ll be just fine. But I hate liars, Amber Heard is an untalented actress that gets by on her looks.

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  2. Following the Heard
    is so absurd
    with an Amber light
    flashing up ahead
    Watch your step
    There’s a Depp
    laying bleeding on the road
    Just like Amber’s face
    the lights are turning red
    But Johnny just had to
    shoot his million dollar load

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