Memoir: Poem: my true love Spencer Stories #1

(I felt guilty for being other)…

“Like ‘the ugly duckling!'”

said Spencer crinkled smiling

half-moons shined in crescents.

He made a framed collage as a gift

with silver glitter sparkles on the swan’s wings.

He was extroverted,

West yang sun fire action

I was introverted,

East yin moon water stillness

We were a match of dualities.

Perfect original match.

Dichotomies, two halves of a whole.

In art, true opposites are complimentary.


      1. Hi John, I’m actually not attempting to find love anymore 🙂, (their poem is about my soul mate who I’m not with anymore). Failed relationships: been there done that too many times. I’m relatively youngish but I’m tired of the love quest. My focus is on my child, maybe when he’s an adult, I’ll enter the dating arena again. I’m tired of drama, but companionship sounds nice for my retirement years.

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      2. I’d try maybe only 3 relationships from my past, the rest I wouldn’t want to experience again. I don’t hate any of my exes but most wasted both our time on non-commitment. Men that live in the SF Bay Area, don’t ever seem to grow up. They’re grown men that typically live with 5 roommates, and they play video games and skate board/bike around like teenagers. The longer I’m single, the more content I feel with being single.

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      3. Us, who love to write, think too much. Can accept loneliness. But we must find a place, where people know our name and call us friend. Being single is okay but we must enjoy our life. Find reason and purpose. A long time ago. A woman alone with three children caught my attention. Save me from my loneliness and know. Love is life dear Judy. Sometime we must escape the places where life is games and play. San Francisco, a beautiful city. Fast pace in her way. I love your writing. You lived a life and the words are heavy and worthwhile. Have some fun and be careful.

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      4. Thank you, writing is a therapeutic outlet for me. I feel happier and healthier as a single person than when I was in relationships. I’ve supported enough men, tried to heal them but now I choose to support myself. There’s nothing another person can give me to make me whole because I’m already whole. Maybe men and women are different in this, I’m at content with being single, no more drama and sadness for me.

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