Joe Rogan wasn’t fooled

Joe Rogan called it right on his June 2016 episode, my only cringe worthy moment was when he referred to women as girls, but sadly many women call themselves girls, (sigh). Yes I’m judgey! I’m Judge Judy! Just kidding.

If men knew what it’s like to exist in a female body, I wonder if they’d have more respect or compassion. The majority of men I dated, wouldn’t be able to survive menstruation, I’m half-joking. There’s a psychological weight of being sexualized, there’s a toxic anger thrown at women. The same is true for men for different reasons they’re also hated.

Anyway, good for Rogan for speaking the truth, brave of him to go against the crowd when everyone else believed Heard. I think she has borderline personality disorder.

I had the feeling too that Heard premeditated the marriage and divorce, she allegedly had a relationship with Elon Musk, 1 month into her marriage with Depp then was allegedly, immediately with James Franco after their breakup. She played him the whole time, I think.


  1. I know at various places I have worked at men used to joke about “its that time of the month” I also believe many contemptuous women use this time to be extra unpleasant or nasty and make it an excuse.

    I am sure many men could not cope with menstruation they cannot cope with a small cold, they are dying.

    One manager I worked with when it was month end financial accounting he would say it is PMT again. I turned around to him “What Project Managers Tension” his face was a picture.

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    1. Good for you 😊, turn the joke back on the joker. I’m not a man hater, but I think women go through so much, silently cope and endure, not just periods but cat calls and having to protect their safety, things that wouldn’t occur to men at all. Pregnancy for me was a marathon of problems, well worth it but my body is not the same. I guess the grass is always greener…

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