Matrix 4 is filming in San Francisco

The only Matrix I liked was the first one, I didn’t think it needed 2 more sequels, but now I feel compelled to see the 4th, why? I have a love hate thing with films. I have to see for myself how awful a film is and how much programming is there and yes, occasionally I’m surprised with an actually good film (without the subliminal extras).

Seeing this clip brings a wave of memories. I briefly used to live in Chinatown in a “live work loft” with my then boyfriend, (the same boyfriend whose sister was Prince’s chef). It’s an entirely different world in Chinatown, time seems to stand still there, nothing changes for decades and everything closes at 5, except for the restaurants and bars. During the day, the streets are packed with people buying produce at the food stands. I was shocked when I first moved there because people will shove and elbow you constantly, especially the bad ass grandmothers and the kids.

I used to enjoy going to the House of Nanking restaurant. The owner/chef liked to guess what you wanted to eat, (Prince would’ve been in foodie heaven here, he insisted that his personal chef, psychically intuit all of his meals, I wrote about that in my earlier post about Prince). Ironically The House of Nanking is a Chinese restaurant that mostly non-Asians seem to frequent, the locals don’t seem to eat here. Maybe they think it’s pretentious with its Zagat rating and expensive menu. But I think it has a fun, place-to-go-on-a-casual-date vibe. I think the food is tasty but salty, my eyes always puff up the day after eating here.

The blossoming tea is beautiful and tastes divine.


  1. Look forward to your film review. I like Chinese food too, but they use MSG monosodium glutamate in the food which is a type of salt based product and many including myself suffer from eating this migraine and sickness used to be mine so I was careful to ask for no MSG. The Blossom Tea looks wonderful. I so enjoy different teas.

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    1. That receipt (I found it online) was from years ago too, rent prices are so high so the restaurants raise their prices. I think the food was ok, but I’ve had better food for less here in the Bay Area too so maybe the same is true where you live. The sales tax is high up here too 😦


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