Poem: Coming Soon, the hollyweird apocalypse

Snoop Dog says, “Hell the fuck yes!”

“Shit that’s scary!”

Hail Mary?

Hail yesssss

Hail nooooo

Hailing to the pitch fork holding

Fugly horned crimson host

Did they sell out to Baphomet the disgraced?

Because Hell is here in full gorey glory

Celebrities want to live forever

With vampire facials and Adrenochrome

and plastic surgery butts and bits

Living it up like a permanent Vegas strip

Shit show

Anything goes

mums the word

or get suicided.

Dress up as a bat or a turd

Everyday is Halloween in lala land.

Get your trend on

Make yourself presentable

as genderless big tit zombies

Watch out here comes

What’s her big nose, Abramovich

the high priestess witch bitch herself

Hugging Jay Z and Franco

They can take their cannibal red velvet cake

and eat it too with a Haitian walnut pizza

The tables have turned

they’ll be hunting us soon

We the sheeple people,

it’s coming soon

to an abandoned theater near you

Aren’t they re-cloned as robotic demons

like the Stepford Invasion of the Bodysnatchers

Predictive programming prepares us blind

to the unthinkable

Vampires are real?

They think we’re drinkable?

They live in the courthouse, the whitehouse, the playboy mansions

They’re coming this summer and this winter’s fall

Orgies in live-cam debauchery

with butcher knive lives dipped in stingers

and Freddy Kruger Edward Scissorhands fingers

blood bath rituals and money to burn

Hollyweird Cannibals posing heads turned

like in the Exorcist 360 degrees in pea soup angles

Camera kissed on red soaked VIP carpets

Howling like NAMBLA loving Ginsberg

scooby doobie doo doo the jokes on you poopy elites

What you do in the darkness

Will always come to light

and justice for all

the slaves you captured

You think it’s not possible?

That’s what They want you to drink

Rohypnol amnesia

Won’t make it go away.


  1. Spirit cooking directly from Hell’s kitchen.

    And Chef Gordon Ramsey isn’t sticking around for dessert.

    This is an excellent poem, Judy.

    It reminds me of something Bob Dylan would write about contemporary Hollywood, politics and culture.

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    1. Ha, Ramsey would have a fit, “Where’s the bloody fruitcake salad? And goat’s head spirit stew?!” 😬!
      Thanks, Christopher that’s an awesome compliment. No wonder Dylan became a Christian in the end, trying to escape those industry crazies that are in bed with the psycho politicians.

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