Poem: Diamonds

Jake Peterson, unsplash.com


I was roped in to this

I was taken and chosen

I wasn’t into this

Sensitive to poison

I tried to listen and believe

Down on my knees broken

Why did I come in to this world


Tiny glinting silver pearl start

An egg miraculous spherical heart

Multiplying towards infinity

That’s it right there

The answer to my knowing

I chose this as soon as I chose living

I agreed to the match

To the game on this plane

I mapped out the edges of rules and ledges

I saw myself arriving a future trip away

I had no doubts less than a drunken second

Life as a cosmic blink in time


Why did I glide into existence

Traveling at the speed of life

Sculpting my soul’s ocean waves reforming

The oyster births orbed tragical magic

Translucent knowing knowledge

Layered Wisdom precious won reality

After healing the malady

Rough stone cut glistening diamonds.

Angels are you and me

Sacred Heart Pierced liberty

Love’s exquisite sowing

Grows Protectors and Guardians.


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