Poem: Actions vs Words

Thom Masat, unsplash.com


We were a family of child soldiers

including our parents

who we emotionally raised.

It’s blasphemous to say the truth

against parental authority?

The word itself clings like a lisp

like Daffy Duck’s slobbery bill

spitting all over the place.

We were a tribe of orphans all of us

were a hostaged family for a reason

I think we chose ourselves and miseries together.

Lessons advance us toward understanding

Torture ends in eventual salvation

That’s what I surmised from Sunday School

Slaves endure horrific injustice

to gloriously rise higher than before.


We are not gods despite what they whispered

We are not Demi-gods either

New age is a religion it’s not just spirituality

I should know, I’ve been there done that

I was an insider pro at it:

Iching, astrology, tarot, chakra meditation

I was into it like a science

I was very good at it

because I believed in it

but now I no longer support it.

because I feel manipulated by it.

It it it it….

I’m reshuffling the mystery circuit

I’ll always love the twinkling beauty of crystals

but not for belief in their branded attributes.

Crystals and stones are full of the beauty of nature

that’s what I love about them period.

“They’re from the Earth, you shouldn’t throw them away.” ~said my friend, Karin.

I was contemplating casting them away

I was ignited, in shock and despondent.

I had purged my collection of films.

I threw them away when I realized what they were hiding

propaganda CIA backed and financed?

My landlord hinted or winked or had a tick

he was leering at my garbage

but it’s none of his business what I let go of.


I’m in midlife crisis mode but I feel calm

potato head shaped body now

I’m not what I was before

but I don’t want to take up jogging

My twenty year old self remains eternally inside

Waiting for death’s kind release

from this consummate ego ride

slough off this vain costume of life.


Death is another journey and Life is what we’re living for

Advancement is not for free

riding past remorse into obliteration.

Chose your destination by choosing sides.

If you say you’re a Christ follower

but you ignore Jesus’s teaching

Hypocrisy won’t save you.

I’m not an official Christian

although I follow Jesus’s teaching

not perfectly,

that’s impossible

I just try to do my best

and I’m not afraid of dying

I just don’t want a painful death.

We can take only what we came to handle.

I bet we’d all adore life, if we didn’t have it anymore.

I bet every suicide was regretted afterwards

I have no proof, just intuition.


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