Daewon Song ❤️ documentary and a tribute haiku

(Haiku for Daewon Song)

Much admiration

and Respect for Daewon Song

Fluid, Smooth, Artist.

Daewon makes me feel proud to be a Korean-American. He reminds me of my brother: loyal, kind, humble, fearless, original, genius. I recommend watching the documentary first, then watching the shorter clips, but it’s up to you.

I recently bought a skateboard for my son. I hope he doesn’t get hurt by falling but I guess that’s an essential part of learning, which also applies to life itself. My brother used to skateboard during its first introduction in the 1970s. He and my sister, and all the neighborhood kids would ride along the road that had a perfect sloping hill; no helmets or knee pads, just long hair swinging (my sister had long hair, not my brother), knees bent and foot pushing along the breeze, road surfing, dangerous and fun times, the 70s.

My photos don’t do justice to his artistry, hard to get a good screenshot, his tricks are so fast.

He’s very innovative, skateboards on ramps, sidewalks and even rocks and wood.

Koreans have much soul, I think it’s because historically we’ve been through much oppression and injustice but despite that, Koreans are survivors and have risen to success. Daewon Song to me represents: courage, modesty, genius and dedication. Why haven’t I heard of him before? All the great skateboarding legends acknowledge him. I’m so glad he’s finally being recognized.


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