North Korean Prisoners and Defectors

Ye Jinghan,

I was so fortunate to have been born in South Korea. I feel so badly for the North Korean people who are essentially prisoners, trapped in a dictatorship. Here are some true stories from defectors that miraculously escaped the Hermit Kingdom.

What happened to Warmbier was tragic and such a perfect example of the lack of understanding that foreigners have about North Korea. Why does anyone want to travel to a country that’s run on dictatorship? Do Americans have so much entitlement and privilege that they think they’re above the laws of a tyrannical country? They assume that US diplomacy will rescue them? I think they can’t conceive of being trapped in a third world country, North Korea, because they’re completely out of touch with the horrific abuse, torture and state of suffering that the North Koreans are forced to endure.

If you want to experience authentic Korean culture, go visit South Korea!!! Is it worth risking your life to see for yourself what tyranny is like? Warmbier’s tears and pleading made me feel so sorry for him, it was obvious that he was scared out of his mind. He lost his life because he thought he could get away with stealing a propaganda poster, it infuriates me that he negated his life this way. I’m not saying his death was justified, it absolutely wasn’t. But I wonder, are North Americans in general, the most spoiled and foolish people in the world? Would you leave a baby in a room with a ravenous pit bull? North Korea is not a vacation spot!


  1. It boggles the mind why anyone would ever want to step foot in North Korea. I guess it’s a thrill-seeking mentality, the same with these selfies hanging off building tops…stupidity.

    It’s tragic and unsettling that anyone like Hyeonseo Lee would have to go through what she went through just to be in her family…and she is a lucky one.

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    1. Thank you for your comment. I agree, I think there’s a weird trend of tourism that focuses on dangerous places. The tourist companies should be partly liable for not fully protecting/informing their clients of what will happen if they break the government rules. In Warmbier’s case, the group was warned to not go on the 5th floor of their hotel, but allegedly the group snuck in and he took a propaganda poster. What was he thinking? North Korea is not Disneyland. True, it is similar to the people who die from talking selfies on cliffs, are people getting dumber? I’m amazed that anyone escaped North Korea, so awful that many of the women defectors were trafficked after escaping to China. People can be so opportunistically evil.

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      1. That was a very interesting post. I plan to listen to the rest I didn’t get to.

        Are people getting dumber? The answer…to me anyway is a resounding yes. It’s like people go wild once they get out now. Is it because of lack of socialisation? I don’t know… I say that because of how computers and phones have made it an isloatated world.

        I can’t feel too sorry for the guy. Like you said…no one deserves that but they play by different rules and no one is going to rescue them.

        Why would you go and vacation at a place where so many people are trying to get out? The women are treated awful on a good day. Also in Middle Eastern countries.

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      2. Thank you. It seems like people are less intelligent perhaps because of technology, we don’t memorize phone numbers anymore, (at least I don’t) and research = google, which seems so lazy and incomplete. We’re isolated and addicted to our phones, and seem to have short attention spans. I think North Americans are generally dumber because we’re comparatively wealthier and spoiled with instant gratification. We definitely don’t have to struggle as much as people in third world countries. Even poor people in the USA are overweight, I think it says a lot about our privilege. Many people from other countries, especially in Europe know a second language, but Americans don’t have to because we’re the dominant country. I feel fortunate to be a US citizen, but I’m also ashamed of the superficiality and privilege we have here, while much of the world is suffering.

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      3. America didn’t start to learn that there was a world out there until 9/11. They thought they were it. I’m not saying 9/11 was a good thing…not at all because it was terrible but that is when I saw people started to wake up that yes…there are other countries out there.
        The poor over here eat cheap food like McDonald’s all of the time and yea…it’s caused a major health problem.
        I’m proud also like you but this country is so divided. As we talked about over at Jeremys blog…It’s a team philosphy…not what is good for the people and it’s about greed.
        I know what you mean about phone numbers and other things. I was at one time great at math…now not so much because I use my phone or computer to add…so yea I see the laziness…not just in numbers.
        America can be great…but it can also be like a spoiled child.

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