The Failure of Woke Culture is due to its fakeness (haiku in 3 variations)


Well-deserved failure

Woke Culture is concocted

It’s all just for Show.


Cancel Woke Culture

Tokens won’t bandage the hate

Stop with the gimmicks.


We, the audience

Know the difference between

Genuine and fake.

I agree with most of what this YouTube influencer said, but I think the Rose Tico character could have blended seamlessly into the Star Wars universe, but her character seemed created to be purposefully unlikable. Was her hair style anime inspired? She didn’t have the glam treatment that the other female characters had. Sometimes adding a token character is about adding a scapegoat who makes the other characters seem cooler. It’s like when a very beautiful woman only befriends less attractive women to prop herself up. Yes certain women actually do this. Sad but true.


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