False Accusations, the new normal?!

It used to be that the victims were attacked by the courts and even media when they accused someone of rape, now it seems that self-professed victims are automatically believed. Where is the justice for men who have been falsely accused?

I personally know that false accusations happen, an innocent young man that I know was falsely accused of rape by his girlfriend and another mutual friend. The two females conspired together. This young man was arrested in high school in front of everyone, he was handcuffed, jailed and had to endure the court/criminal justice system for over a year. He lost his senior year in high school because he dated a psychotic liar. If he didn’t have access to a good lawyer, things could’ve turned out horribly. The girl later finally admitted that she lied. This young woman was someone he met in church. After she accused him, she went on Facebook and tore the clothes he bought for her. Complete Psycho. She hasn’t been punished at all for falsely accusing him.