Poem: Where I can’t follow (haiku in 6 variations)


Here I am again

Writing about my mother

She’s my obsession.


Because I love her

Because I can’t forget her

She was my first home.


Mothers are first love

I lost her when I was one

Never recovered.


Again she’s going

Cancer’s taking her back home

Where I can’t follow.


My way of coping

Is ignoring denial

I am a coward.


I can’t acknowledge

My love is drowned in silence

I can’t say goodbye.


    1. Thank You, Sylvester💖your good wishes bring peacefulness to both me and my mom. I believe that kind thoughts are received from even far distances. 💖


  1. It takes great strength to write about our pain. Your phrases and words express pain so vividly. Beautifully done Judy and I am so sorry that you have had such a sadness in your life. Love you Joni

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  2. These haikus so beautifully capture the crystalline tears of loss without a chance to say goodbye.
    I love how the image conjures up the beginning of a mother-child relationship and the haikus carry us toward the end. 🙂

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    1. Thanks Jaya, my mom is still alive, she’s not well though. It’s paralyzed me in denial. She said she didn’t want me or anyone to visit her. When I called her, she could barely speak.

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