BTS live performance

This is amazing. Where else can you see a 30 minute live performance at an awards show? It starts off with rapping and gets progressively more intense, over the top cool, even horses made an entrance, several climaxes in this one performance. Much continued success to these guys, they’ve worked for and earned it.

They get it ❤️


    1. Yes, the boy band and girl band genre was embraced by a South Korea, inspired by the boy bands from the US. The performers train and go through many years of apprenticeship before they’re released as stars, even then the live in dorm like spaces and train relentlessly. I had no idea about BTS’s popularity before, now I see why. They are so over the top, no expenses spared, drama galore. I like their dancing abilities, not so much their music.

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      1. I didn’t know they went through such intense training. They must have started at a very young age. They really exploded over here. I have always been a fan of well choreograph dance routines and good dancers.

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