Poem: Korean Soul

(I love Drunken Tiger ❤️they were around back in the day, they remind me of guys I knew when I was a teenager. There was a subculture of Korean B Boys that continues today).

When I say Koreans have soul

I know this for certain

from direct experience

They raised me

and made me their own.

Hard and soft

forceful and yielding

are diametrically opposed.

Soulfulness comes from suffering

starving and surviving

evolving stronger

while respecting the old.

Retain what’s good

respect it, live it

and let the rest go.

Ego never loved you

like your mother

who birthed you

into this mystery

this sad beautiful dance.

Regrets can shape and redefine you

into a much kinder form.

Soul is the same hope

that begins as a baby

the tiniest of wonders

starts glimmering cells

multiplying miracles

an underwater embryo

with a child-like heart of gold.

🤗Chicken Noodle Soup ❤️J Hope (featuring Becky G) brings back old school hip hop, the humor and fun is what I loved about original hip hop, before gangsta rap dominated the genre.



Se7en is awesome❤️smooth singer and dancer, old school R & B, I wish he had more acknowledgement for his talents. Not many performers can actually sing and dance.

Rain is another very talented performer. My older brother was introduced to him when he visited our uncle in South Korea.


I remember b boy culture when I was growing up, I always thought it was cool. Koreans picked up on this and learned to embody it authentically. I think respect is the key to authenticity and is the main difference between cultural appropriation and homage to an original art form.

This breakdance battle is between a Japanese group, Body Canival vs a Korean group of dancers called Morning of Owl. I love how they began by spinning a water bottle. The Korean team won. Yay 🤗


  1. Nice post Judy. I like your poetic phrases with this piece as well. Very thoughtful and special to you I would imagine. Thank you also as it is Nice to learn something I didn’t know about Korean culture. Hope you have a fabulous week and that many blessings come your way. Love and hugs Joni

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    1. Thank you, Joni. I’m glad you liked the poem and appreciated learning something new about Korean culture. I’m glad to share my insider knowledge and my perception of my heritage here, it’s wonderful to connect with you and others who care and are interested. Love and hugs to you too.


  2. ‘Ego never loved you

    like your mother

    who birthed you

    into this mystery’

    -Judy Kim

    Thank you for your wonderful poem Judy and thank you for introducing me to Drunken Tiger. I really like ‘I Want You.’ and I’m listening to some of their other stuff right now.

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    1. Hi Sue, thank you! I’m glad you like Drunken Tiger’s song, it was there big hit I think they might have a few others. They were around I think when KPop began, they were pioneers of Korean hip hop. I like how they happy they are in the video, with their crew of friends.

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