1. I wasn’t sure how long the video was.

    I clicked on it.

    Just two minutes so I watched the whole thing.

    Definitely controlled propaganda.

    The high school I attended was fortunate enough to be just across the street from the county community channel television studios.

    So I took a course in Television Communications in my 2nd year of High School.

    My teacher was excellent.

    I got quite an idea of how the television medium worked.

    It’s grown in sophistication since then.

    But fundamental precepts remain the same.

    And that video is pure propaganda- designed totally to manipulate the viewer into feeling pre-conditioned emotions that the makers of the video want you to feel.

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    1. Hi Christopher, thanks for adding information about how television works from an inside view. I think it’s gotten much worse, I’ve heard that some on-site news reports were staged (not live), contrived to be live action to heighten the drama. The story was real but the extra footage was set up. It made me think how often that might be happening, disturbing to think how much we’re manipulated. Photography works in a similar way, the poses are shot with awareness and props. The shot of Trump and his trophy bride, Melania is so photo op perfect, how noble they look 😆 with the Taj Mahal and flying birds🌈🐦🐦🐦🐦🌈

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