Work Stories: Goodbyes: Part Three

Over the years she has always asked me, “When are you coming home?”

“I made a new home in California. I’m happy there, Mom.

“Why do you like it there? That place is crazy and so expensive. It’s full of homeless.”

“Yes, but so many people are smart there, they think about things in a different way; that’s why I’m there. I have a lot to write about, it inspires many stories.”

“Oh yeah? How much have you written? Enough for a book?”

“I don’t know, but probably, I’ve been writing since childhood and I have journals full of poems since college. There’s enough for a book. But no one cares about poetry, Mom.”

“I can publishing it for you! I have money! I can do this for you!”

“Mom, thank you but I don’t want you to pay for my book to be published. I have to do that myself. I want to write about our family, and I have to do it by myself.”

“Oh, ok. I trust you. I believe in you. If you say you can do it, I believe you can and will do it. You’re my daughter. I know you.”

“Thank you, Mom. I want to do it for you most of all. I want people to know your story. It’s an amazing story.”

“Ha, no not really. Many have gone through much more than me. My problems were small compared to others but I thank you. I’m very proud of you. You don’t believe me, but it’s true.”


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