We should sue the companies that are knowingly killing us!

I use stainless steel frying pans, and replaced all Teflon cooking products a decade ago, it’s not that difficult to clean them. Why are people so hooked on convenience? Humans are so lazy. Forever chemicals that were created in the 1930s are in our drinking water, line take-out boxes and are in our bloodstream. They’re not the only thing in our drinking water either. Pharmaceuticals, hormones are also in our drinking water. You can’t escape this by buying bottled water. Bottled water is essentially the same as tap water. We use water for bathing, cooking, cleaning and drinking; whatever is in it is in us. My mom’s dying of cancer, she’s in great pain. I blame the corporations and our government that enables them for cancer. They know they are harming us, but profits are all they care about.


  1. They tell us up front its a good/better product for us but never even hint of the health risks. It’s like prescription medicine, they help with one illness but the list of side effects is ridiculous.

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