Wet Markets and Animal Cruelty=Disease

When humans treat animals with such brutal disregard, disease will spread to the perpetrators. No one is innocent that eats animals that are kept in cages or stalls that are full of filth. If you’re going to slaughter a living creature the least you could do is give them a humane life before their murder. North Americans and “civilized” nations are not exempt from guilt. They get away with this by using antibiotics, which isn’t a good solution! Antibiotics are literally a poison, (anti-life is the literal meaning). Eating poisoned animals isn’t harmless. We are creating disease and poisoning ourselves in the process. What humans do to animals is sickening. Pandemics are the payback. Karma’s a bitch and we’re all involved, unless you’re a vegan (I’m not, I’m a pescatarian), so I’m part of the problem too. Human beings aren’t as smart as we pretend to be. When will this insanity stop? When we’re all dead? Most people would survive getting the Corona virus, but my point is that cruelty and greed has its consequences.


  1. Except for fish farming eating fish is eating a wild animal, so I think it’s a step up on the humane scale. I’m reading Earth Abides (a post-apocalyptic book written in 1949) the theme throughout the book is that when animals overpopulate, there’s a culling. One could argue that the corona virus, at it’s relatively low death rate, is more of a correction than a culling, but it’s not surprising. If not wet markets, disease would start someone else.

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    1. Hi Jeff, well I eat wild caught and farmed fish so I’m still part of the problem. I agree that overpopulation in nature resolves itself through starvation, disease and death. Humans think they’re exempt from this process though, they trust in the government to protect them, but I think the government is fueled by corporate profit/greed, not common sense. The way animals in captivity are treated is sickening, literally. I think the root causes of many diseases are man-made, including cancer and perhaps the corona virus. Even growing our own food is problematic: the soil, air, water is full of man-made pollutants. It’s depressing to think about so we ignore it, but this problem isn’t going away without drastic change.

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