Poem: life lessons

When your dad’s abusive

You have to teach yourself

All of your life

How to not fall

In love with a villain.

Children love their parents

No matter how abusive they are

They grow up trying to fix

The hurt in everyone

Instead of healing themselves.

Being abused by a loved one

Teaches you to hate yourself.

Self-love is the hardest lesson

I’ve ever had to learn.


    1. It’s hard to heal from the past, but you deserve to love yourself. I think when we learn to love ourselves, we begin to attract good partners that can return our kindness and love.❤️

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    1. Thank you, I think we learn to love during childhood and some of the people we loved then, were hurting themselves and everyone around them. So we have to learn how and who is safe to love when we’re adults. ❤️

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