5 Brave kids rescued their mom from their abusive father

The brave heroes, the kids were much younger when they saved their mother. The video clip of their story is powerful.

These kids are amazing! I cried
when I watched this video. It brought back memories of my childhood. My older brother and sister were the heroes that frequently rescued our mom. I can still remember the terror that I felt as a child, when our father was raging. I think in a moment of rage he could’ve accidentally killed our mother. We hid his gun, hid the knives and scissors, we were like little soldiers. I cried, huddled in the hallway and I prayed for god to save our mom and my brother and sister. They were the targets of his rage, not me. I was ashamed of being spared, ashamed that I was his favorite child. I loved him, pitied him and I hated his hypocrisy.

He was beaten too when he was a child, kicked out of his home at 16, because of poverty. He did his best, he did what he thought was right. He’s apologized, publicly confessed in church and he even tried to hang himself. The rope broke. He told me that he was also accidentally electrocuted at work. “I don’t know why I’m still alive,” he said.

I looked him in the eyes and said, “God wants you to live.” I put my hand on his shoulder to comfort him but he brushed it away. “God wants you to live a good life, as a good person.”I thought to myself, but I didn’t say it aloud.

I believe he’s doing that. Some villains remain evil until the very end but he’s not that kind of villain. It takes courage to change. I’m proud of him for that. I can’t forget who he was, but I can acknowledge who he chooses to be now. In life, I believe it’s harder to be a villain than a hero. Being evil is going against your true nature. I don’t believe that we’re born in sin. I believe we’re born perfect and good, but the world’s hatred is what forms evil. It’s all about choice, and constant renewal of choice to align with good, is to be with god. That’s what I believe. No one is perfect. But you don’t have to be perfect to be good. Just chose to do your best, chose to keep learning, chose to understand and forgive as much as you can.



    1. Thank you, Christopher❤️, my siblings are much more heroic than me, but I appreciate your kind comment. My dad suffers from a ton of remorse. He finally learned to love and respect our mom.

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  1. I am sorry you went through this Judy but I am guessing it made you a stronger person. My abuse made me stronger but it took a long time and a lot of hard work. I love you Judy we are both warriors because we survived and became ultimately stronger individuals. Have a blessed day. Love and hugs to you. Joni

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