1. It’s proof of both the harm and the help that humans are responsible for on the planet. We need change and unfortunately it seems only disaster and crisis can force this to happen.

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  1. Wow! Hopefully we will take the health of the planet a little more serious in the future. But I worry we will end up going back to exactly how it was before this all started, because we as a society have trouble learning from lessons.

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    1. I hear you! You’re right, we can see the solutions but when things go back to “normal” we’ll go back to harming the planet. I wish this wasn’t true. I wonder why, we have trouble learning lessons, I think you’re right about that too! Are humans more dependent on comfort/convenience than anything else?

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      1. Yes, it seems we have very short term memories when it comes to greater span. We get stuck on the immediate gratification and convenience as you say. We live in a very microwave society right now. It will be very hard to change back that mentality now that it is so present.

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