Prose poem: looking for my voice

My mother’s death, my fight with my brother, sheltering at home from the corona virus, work uncertainty, are all on my mind, where are the words?

I feel beaten up, blackened eye, bruised ribs, busted lip. I feel lost, like I’m coasting on a makeshift raft that’s drifting out to sea and I can’t swim and there’s no wind and sharks are beginning to circle.

Maybe it’s not that extreme, see, the sharks are dolphins and now I feel a breeze pick up my sails, I remember that at least I know how to float in the water.

Heads or tails, yes or no, it’ll be alright, keep your eyes open, keep your head above water, don’t panic, when the water seeps into your ears, let go of trying to control it, don’t drown by struggling, be still and float.

Breathe, believe, be kind, forgive, be compassionate, all of us are scared and sacred. All of us want peace, safety, love, hope.

Wherever life takes us, remember your best self, we will survive this, even if we don’t, our spirit will survive this, it has survived more than this, we are resilient, it’s not over yet.

We are not just this place, these bodies, these stories; we are more than we can imagine here, let go of fear and sadness, you never belonged to madness, in your heart is a secret diamond sparkling every known truth, it’s all within.

Universes and microcosms are all within one infinite you. Don’t give up, no matter what. Remember your greatest strength is love and you are Love and are beloved. Light shines brightest in the darkness.


    1. I’m not experiencing ADHD, I’m depressed because of mother has died and my brother became my enemy. I’ll be ok, writing is my outlet. I know that life will be ok, even if it isn’t. Be well.

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