Poem: Religion uses metaphor

(To my Brother, who I will always love)

People that don’t understand


Can never understand

the Bible.

Abstract concepts can’t be taken


Metaphor and symbology

are the layman’s way in

to the mystic mystery.

The best way to describe

an infinite answer

is through poetry.

The creator I believe in

is a genius artist.

And I think Jesus was a meditator

a Bodhisattva, born enlightened.

He spoke in parables for a reason

although most still wouldn’t

listen or understand

his inner knowledge and wisdom.

His own village rejected him

“Aren’t you Mary’s son?” they said.

Most people label and destroy

what they can’t comprehend.

I bet the same people

that took the Bible literally then

are the same people that would

crucify him again, now

for interpreting the Bible

through the heart’s lens of love

not sacrifice and vengeance.

The Old Testament’s eye for an eye

and all the misogyny and blame

are still taken literally as truth.

If Jesus ever returned

he’d comfort the homeless

he himself was voluntarily homeless

he had compassion for the lowest:

the prostitutes, tax collectors,

the diseased and the untouchables

he wasn’t a hypocrite

like most Mercedes Benz buying

preachers and gurus

zooming around being worshipped

selling burnt offerings for metal coins

calling that sacrificial,

blood exchange

holy sacred church.

So who are the truly hidden pagans?

Christians who killed,

so many innocents

that they labelled heathens.

Murder in the name of god

was never love or god inspired.

Truth is hidden in metaphors

look deeper than the surface ritual.

Wise people say,

Prayer is talking to god

Meditation is listening.


  1. You have to find peace. Some misinterpret and cause problems because to that. Some think if you get sick or hurt in an accident, something was wrong with you for that to happen. I think with this new pandemic, people are finding it can hit anyone. Be careful what you misinterpret. Ignore the ones who are off kilter. It is amazing what some ‘truths” or beliefs some come up with.

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    1. Yes lots of misinterpretation in the name of righteousness. I understand that religion gives people hope, meaning and a sense of justice but so many stay on the surface ritual without understanding what it represents. I don’t know the absolute truth, I’m still open to realizing it fully. Some people need to have all the facts now because it comforts them.

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