Poem: the Trend of Slavery

Naked is the slave

The most undressed is property

The most dressed is royalty

Celebrities are voluntary slaves

They dress to impress

in strings and thongs

fake breasts and fake buttocks

show how powerless they really are

underneath the decadent facade.

That’s why red power-tied men

are always covered bald head to hairy toes

They don’t have to show off

any bloated thing

but $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

or who they know.

The tables turn in prison

but aristocrats never go to prison

just every once

on a scapegoated moon

they’ll out one of their own

incredibly average evil-doers

the plentiful Epsteins and Weinsteins

thrown under a bus to appease

the slumbering woke mob

who think justice was served

on the designated pervs

while the many protected elite

rapists, pedophiles and creeps

continue on as usual, uninterrupted

Fame and fortune are nothing

just cruel and unusual

I’ll choose the humble life everyday

and consider myself blessed

to escape that horror fest

neon peep show stardom

a fool’s paradise of false importance

beta sex kitten nude scene scarlet

false hair, false lashes, false smile

will advance you to compete

in the Hollywood harem.

I don’t admire them

I feel sorry for them

but maybe I shouldn’t.

No one forced them

to revel in wealth and admiration

they rebranded slavery

to suit themselves naked

and foolishly called it stardom.


  1. Yes. Hard to feel sorry for them. But it is entirely possible to feel sorry for their families, especially their children who either live in misery or learn to emulate their slave masters.

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    1. I feel sorry for the children of celebrities, they seem roped into the lifestyle and become the new replacements. Child actors seem the most psychologically disturbed.


    1. I agree. I saw a YouTube clip about the concept of Hollywood being all about illusion and magic. They mentioned that holly wood was symbolic of a wizard’s wand. Special effects and the hypnotic effect of film, music is a powerful tool for social propaganda indoctrination and distraction from the real issues/reality.


    1. I agree with you. I think they’re caught in their own trap, people are starting to see reality, others don’t seem to want to let go of the evil dream because it’s too scary to step out of the illusions.


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