Poem: love is the cure

I’m sorry to be so negative

I want to beat myself up

For being so negative!

That’s the vicious irony.

What’s the cure for sorrow?

What’s the cure for self-hatred?

Love love love

Love will bring you home.

Love would never kick you in the face

Love would never call you a disgrace

Love would say stop hurting yourself

Love brought you here to this paradise place

That we humans remade into a paradox

But Love still has hope for us

Because we are precious

no matter how broken we’ve become.

Inside inside inside

each of us are sacred inside

no matter how we hide or deny it.

We are a tribe of orphans

born with the spark of divinity

that beacon is eternity

that brave light is our true home.

Self-love and acceptance

is a gift to not only yourself

but to everyone that truly loves you.


  1. I love it… and blog-manifested you. You’re so easy to love… ’tis certainly true! ❤️🙏
    Thanks for sharing these uplifting words with us, too. 😊🤩🌷

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  2. I am overwhelmed by your poem; not from the outside but from the inside, deep inside of me…a sorrow, with hope, nostalgic, and a dimmed image that I need to see but can’t, though I feel it deep beneath the surface of who I really am…Thank you, Judy!! XXX

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    1. Thank you, Maria❤️ your wonderful comment is like a long distance hug. I’m so glad that you liked my poem. I think we’ve very beautiful on a soul level, hurt from living makes us forget that we are.🌸🤗🌷

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    1. Thank you, Benjamin💖. I agree with you. I believe that love is the greatest gift that we have and that we’re all created from love. It’s my truest goal and compass.

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