Peaceful Aquarium break

These are the juvenile guppies from the first batch of fry.
2 Neon treats survived out of a school of 6.

In between conspiracy theory 🧐 posts, here’s a an aquarium video break. My aquariums house guppies now, along with 2 neon tetras and 1 amazingly resilient Amano shrimp. I miss having bettas, they’re my favorite pet fish but I switched to guppies after my sorority of bettas had a fish apocalypse.

Leopold is one of the originals, he has a bright yellow tail.

Guppies are little aquatic pigs, they’re constantly wiggling around the tank, grazing for food. They’re generally peaceful community tank mates and are easy to care for live bearers. When the first batch of fry arrived I sheltered them in a protective enclosure, then moved them into another tank when they outgrew the structure.

I was worried that I’d run out of room and tanks for them, so I let the second batch of fry fend for themselves unprotected. I noticed that the fry started disappearing at night. Cannibalism, Yuck. Nature has it’s brutality.

I started with 7 small guppies, (5 females and 2 males), now there’s probably 15-25 including the original 7. Males seem to be more rare, there are now about 5 males and the rest are female. The males are smaller, more colorful and they have longer, skirt-like flaring tails with a mohawk-like fin on top. In a community tank there should be a ratio of more females than males because the males will harass the females nonstop.

I felt pity for the 5 latest fry so I moved them to the 10 gallon tank (and transferred the first set of juvenile guppies into the large community tank). Guppies grow amazingly quickly, within a day or so they doubled in size. Right now they’re mostly translucent with bits of yellow or black on the tail, they’re the size of tiny fleas with dot-like eyes.

This male guppy is my favorite with iridescent, mesmerizing colors. He started as a nearly microscopic dot and turned into this gorgeous fish. My son noticed him first, he has a great eye for detail and beauty.