David LaChappelle

David Lachapelle’s artwork, Lost and Found, notice the roses/flowers which I think represents virginity/children (deflower), a doll’s face next to tiny baby clogs, Flintstones vitamins, packaged raw meat, a red sparrow wrapped in plastic, tiny Vienna sausages, rotten orange cut open, teen magazines that say school, cut outs that say Celebrity diet, chicken feet in a bag (chicken is pedo code for young boy). I think I’ll do an entire post of analyzing his artwork.
Mockery of Jesus/Christianity, Jesus is in tattered clothes and in the position of Mary holding the dead body of Michael Jackson, his fallen white glove reminds me of the creepy photos that Tom Hanks posts, MJ is dressed like a Nazi SS but in satanic red and black colors, Lachapelle has another painting of Jackson defeating the devil, he replaces both Jesus and St. George.
It’s a small world, looks like a parody of Disney’s kiddie ride/grooming of young stars/children, the female is wearing red shoes/looks hypnotized, the pedo spiral and triangle symbols are on the columns and walls, black and red Masonic checkered walls/floors, castles and crowns, fleur de lis, gold and silver chess pieces, the pawn is in the center, the newspaper says “answer found blowing in the wind”, with an image of a queen with a baby, she’s wearing red underwear with red pedo shoes.
Aaliya surrounded by snakes and birds, she looks hypnotized too, the cameo she’s wearing on the elaborate choker looks like a white dragon. Something is piercing her hand, luxury sheets and walls.