Modeling = Trafficking

Bianca is a model that’s connected with Rachel Chandler, (who is connected with the fashion industry and Jeffrey Epstein). “Bbianka” posts extremely psychotic things which makes me think that she was brainwashed. I’m posting a few of her gross Instagram posts, there are even more disgusting ones but I wanted to spare you to details. She openly calls herself an EU Cannibal. Does any same person joke this way? I don’t think she’s joking. Her boyfriend also posts about the same things, murder, torture and cannibalism.

The comedy Zoolander is about a male model who’s brainwashed to be a sleeper assassin. Zoolander 2 reveals that the villain is a Satanist. The MK Ultra and Satanic themes are labelled as comedy but that’s how it’s usually presented. The Simpsons, South Park, SNL use comedy to convince us that Satanism and Pedogate is an absurd, fantasy. Conspiracy theories are ridiculed to disempower the truth.