Conspiracy: #29 Tom Hanks, Madonna, Oprah, Ellen Degeneres

Was Tom Hanks arrested or possibly dead? The website, confirmed that Thomas Jeffrey Hanks was arrested. Edit: the site makes you pay to see if there was an arrest, so it doesn’t prove that he was arrested. I think this part has been debunked but it still seems suspicious how strange the celebrities were being.

If so, this explains why celebrities were freaking out, especially David Spade who said it all depended on Tom Hanks, he said he’d go on the rooftop with a gun if Hanks didn’t make it through, along with other cryptic messages. Why were they so desperately unable to contact Tom Hanks unless he was imprisoned/or dead; not just in house arrest. I had my suspicions but wasn’t totally convinced that the celebrities were under house arrest. Trump almost tweeted that Hanks had died in Australia. Why the coverup? What’s really going on?

This is a blurry screenshot from the clip

In the clip below at the 10:32 mark, are photos of Ellen and Oprah with what look like ankle monitors.