Seoul Sister Films: Episode Seven: Where are the Asians?: Wonder Woman without Asians (again)

Another break from the conspiracy theories 🤔🧐🤓

I used to watch the tv show starring Linda Carter, when I was a child. I loved her invisible jet, silver bullet deflecting bracelets and her golden magic lasso. I think one Halloween I might have even worn a plastic WW mask, but probably not, I was never a fan of Halloween. Wonder Woman was the closest character (Snow White too), for Asians to dress up as because they looked somewhat asian because of their jet black hair. Children want and need to be able see themselves as future heroes. It builds self-esteem to reflect all races in the hero/heroine role. Asian-Americans haven’t had many asian role models except for Bruce Lee but he was like an exaggerated caricature. In reality most asians don’t know martial arts.

The new Wonder Woman trailer initially caught my attention because I liked the 80’s synthesizer band, New Order when I was growing up and Blue Monday was featured with the 1982 font highlighted in a retro 3D Wonder Woman logo; but then I noticed the all-Caucasian cast, (hmmm, there were no asians included in the first Wonder Woman origin film either), here we go again, sigh. In the WW backstory/origin film, the only non-caucasian characters were the amazons. I liked the inclusion of fierce, black amazons but if they were included in the mythology, then all women of color should’ve been included in the mythical tribe. I can rationalize that Wonder Woman was created as a Caucasian/Greek character with black hair and blue eyes (but Gal Gadot has brown eyes), but Asians could’ve been included in the supporting cast. They weren’t anywhere in the film, not even shown as anonymous extras. It sends the message that Asians don’t matter/or exist in the world.

My other criticism of this film is that it’s set in the trendy 1980s. It even looks like they used the same mall set that they used for the Stranger Things Netflix series. Why do so many recent films and shows rely on nostalgia as a gimmick? The 80s was the X generation, (invent a new subculture instead of copying an expired one). The WW cast also posed as the cast of the John Hughes film, The Breakfast Club to promote this film. I found it very annoying. I dislike imitation (unless it’s a parody), I think copying isn’t flattering, it’s lazy.

Wonder Woman has no connection to the Breakfast Club, it would’ve made more sense to imitate the original Wonder Woman show starring Linda Carter