I recommend the documentary, Out of Shadows

Uriel Soberanes, unsplash.com
Here’s a preview exercpt clip that I made from Out of the Shadows, the documentary is 1:17 long, about the same time it takes to watch a mind-numbing movie. Please watch it, research and share what you learn. I think this is an unprecedented time that we have to change the world for the better.

Out of Shadows is a very coherent documentary that summarizes CIA programming of films and media, (propaganda). I highly recommend watching this! I’m not labeling this post as a conspiracy because I don’t consider this information as a conspiracy, all this information can be confirmed.

Satanists: Michael Aquino, Sammy Davis Jr, Anton Lavey
Aquino holding a knife that he says was owned by a SS Nazi who practiced black magic, (screenshot from Out of Shadows).
Another clip from Out of Shadows, of George Carlin, just in case you didn’t want to watch the long documentary.

You don’t have to be a Christian to believe that Satanists exist. Research this for yourself and the connections become very obvious. It doesn’t matter if people, friends or family might think you’re nuts; in this insane world, it’s actually a validation, a sign that you can think for yourself. Intelligence is not about regurgitating what we’ve been taught; intelligence is the ability to think, question and learn.