Poem: no more worries mama


Mama you don’t have to worry

about my salvation anymore

you can throw that boulder into the abyss

where it belongs.

I think you now see

that I’m not in jeopardy

and neither is my son.

I believe both of us

were angels sent,

to teach both you and me.

Children are the reminders of innocence.

The garden of eden is about innocence lost

I think that’s the true cause of the fall.

Innocence isn’t lack of intelligence

it’s the absence of wanting to harm.


  1. Ms Kim, if I may say so, the tributes to your mother, and your memoirs are so wonderfully written. I can imagine it can be very painful, but wanted to say how much your truthful writings are appreciated.

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    1. Thank you very much, T Ibara❤️, your supportive comment helps me to want to keep writing. I often worry that my stories are a burden to read because of the sadness, but life has a lot of tragedy and joy too. I also want to say that I appreciate your photographs. They are beautiful visually and emotionally, you capture the tender and amazing beauty in nature, I always enjoy seeing through your compassionate perspective.


    1. Thank you, Joni. I found a collection of mother and daughter photos in Pexels through WP free images. When I found these of a mom and child in matching clothes, I couldn’t resist using them, they’re so cute❣️🤗


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