Poem: Mom’s collection


I love how you collected figurines

protected in glass shelves

displayed in elegance

right next to children’s toys.

McDonalds Happy Meal Figures

of the Peanuts gang or Spider-Man

alongside expensive lead crystals

delicate sparkling swans

on tiny hexagonal mirrors.

The expensive Matador bought in Spain

next to the porcelain figurine

of a shy looking girl

which was a present for me from Father.

I brought her home with me after your funeral.

Thank you for taking care of her.

All of those things were precious in your eyes.

Your collection of sugar spoons

and souvenir keychains from each

US state that dad visited on his business trips.

Framed butterflies that you caught by hand

swirled seashells, precious stones and geodes

you taught me to love crystals and nature.

You loved tiny and cute things

glistening jeweled pins and plastic toys

saved side by side in your curio cabinet.

I wish I had placed the rainbow quartz heart

in your smooth, ice polished hands

when I cried over your casket.

I wanted to Mama but I was afraid

that they wouldn’t let me.

E-moh (aunt) sobbed hard and asked,

“Sister, why are your hands so cold?”

I hugged her and later gave her

an old photo of you with all of your sisters.

Your beauty and grace radiate in those pictures.

I should’ve completed the rose quartz necklace

that I wanted to make for you

it would have perfectly matched your pink suit.

My sister placed a diamond peacock pin

on your label but I knew that she was allowed to

because she wasn’t the black sheep like me.

I shouldn’t have cared how they reacted

or how they prevented me from loving you

as I could only do

because there is no other me

and there is no other you

and no one else can understand

our relationship but us.

I love you Mama.


    1. Hi Benjamin, I appreciate your thoughtful compliment 🙏🙂I was in a memoir writing workshop and the teacher said the more details you include, the universal/relatable it becomes. I thought that was ironic but true. I think generally people are more alike than different. ❤️

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  1. This made me smile, my mom does the same thing, she has her fine china and crystal displayed along with Star Wars glasses from the 70’s and little Red Rose figurines not to mention a red lobster bottle opener. It looks odd to me but I guess it is deeply meaningful to her. I didn’t think anyone else did that. I’ve enjoyed your poems about your mom, they demonstrate your respect and love for her. Take care.

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    1. Hi Kathy, I was just responding to a comment about how alike the human experience is and how it becomes more noticeable when writers include the specific details. Your comment validates that idea. I can picture your mom’s display, it probably looks just like my mom’s 🙂. So sweet. I agree the objects mean something to the one displaying them, mom’s have their own wonderful logic. 💖

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