Do I think JFK Jr. faked his death? Is he Q or R? I don’t know. I do believe that there was a CIA plot to kill his father, JFK? Will we ever know the truth?

Why did the Kennedy children collectively sing, “It’s going down” (lyrics from the song, Timber on Instagram) in March 2020? Did George Bush Sr kill JFK? Life is stranger than fiction.

JFK Jr and Vincent Fusca comparison
There’s a similarity in my opinion but many people look alike. Vincent Fusca is quite a character, he seems purposefully clownish and receives much attention from Trump at his rallies. Did Trump hire doppelgängers that resemble JFK Jr and his wife? Or is Fusca one of many decoys?
The smile and nose look so alike, but Bessett had poise and a classic style (not the sequin hat type), is it to disguise herself under a flashy facade?

Interview with Bill Gates in JFK Jr’s George magazine, Gates was suspiciously predicting pandemics even then.
JFK Jr was America’s prince, this photo was taken when he was in college by a friend. I cropped the original image, his tattoo reminds me of the legend of Zorro, the avenger/folk hero. If he’s alive, it would be an amazing story.