Poem: transparent

I felt see-through

transparent all of my life

never valued for what I was.

I was their mirror

seen in projections

that was my silent identity.

Mother saw me as virtuous Mary

because of a Sunday School play

but I was randomly picked not chosen

the first girl refused and I didn’t

that how I got the role.

But all my mother saw

was a halo of goodness

on my ordinary face.

I was never an angel

but they never listened

as if I wasn’t there

made out of air

a malleable shape to costume.

The best gift you can give

is the respect of choice.

*Let everyone decide and define

who they are and what they prefer.

Give the gift of freedom.

*(within morals, not hurting anyone of course)🙏


    1. Thank you, Nadine❣️ sorry for the slow response I can’t seem to see my comments until later 😟. I appreciate your compliment🤗❤️🙏🌷


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