Impersonations of Gavin Newsom and Matthew McConaughey 😄

I wasn’t exaggerating, he gets a workout when he speaks.

California Governor, Gavin Newsom always seems like he’s impersonating Clint Eastwood in Dirty Harry to me. He motions with his hands more than the sign language interpreters next to him. Meyers does a great impersonation of both him and actor, Matthew McConaughey in this clip.

McConaughey also demonstrates his point with tons of hand movement. Some conspiracy theorists thought he was speaking in code, spelling out Q in the air. The celebrities and elites have lost their glory, yay! No one person, deserves to own an island or yachts the size of islands, while whole nations of people are starving. No one deserves that level of greedy decadence, no matter how entertaining they are.


  1. I was quite shocked by Gavin Newsom’s totalitarian attitudes and some of his executive orders which I read in print media on-line.

    They don’t really show much clips of Gavin Newsom on Canadian television news.

    These photos were the first I’ve seen of Gavin Newsom’s hand gestures.

    I was shocked.

    There were some famous black and white photos of Hitler practicing his hand gestures in the mirror taken back in the late 1920s -the same hand gestures he was to use in his fiery speeches.

    5 of them I see re-enacted here in these photos of Newsom you have.

    I find that extremely disturbing.

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    1. Gavin Newsom is from political wealth, as most politicians are, I think he’s out of touch with reality. He seems to want to be a GQ man, with his slicked back hair and stylish suits. Whenever he does his Covid 1hr plus speeches he gets a hand workout! It’s funny to me but you have a point, I think Hitler and others use it to convey power.


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