Poem: Projection is the Opposite of Reflection

Haidar Rais, unsplash.com


Projection is an undiscovered mirror

a boomerang rebound ricochet.

Thor’s hammer returns like karma

it faithfully remembers.

What goes around comes around

We reap what we sow

We see what we know

Because there’s an aspect or version of it

inside unacknowledged.


Projection is the opposite of reflection.

Think twice before calling the kettle black

Check yourself before you wreck yourself and attack

Don’t point fingers about the splinter

when there’s a log of timber

blinding your clouded orbs (rephrasing the bible).

Don’t be afraid to look within (said a bodhisatva).

If there’s toxin it has to come out

pull the arrows out don’t blame and shout

or pout resigned to a lifetime of victimhood.


Regain consciousness

reconnect with your true self

unless you want the darkness to fester and grow

into a full demon sized possession.

Some serial killers can’t remember

what they know without regression

Their eyes blackened monstrous.

Evil exists lurking waiting for an empty vessel

Satan worship isn’t a game, it’s a tax-exempt, practiced religion.

Goth witch and vampire fashion

is mainstream MK Ultra programming

like the Stepford Wives and Invasion of the Body Snatchers

Wake up before they replace you

Guard yourself with awareness

The cult of horror isn’t entertainment

it’s a mind control experiment.