Poem: Kindness is a lifestyle not a trend

Kindness is a lifestyle not a trend.

The heart is so much wiser

than the robotic brain.

An abused childhood

isn’t an excuse to pretend

that you have no will or choice.

Karma isn’t mandatory

like an eye for an eye.

That kind of justice is a vicious lie.

Life lets you decide how to live

you get to choose what you give.

Narcissism is self-hatred

disguised as self-worship.

Ego is a cowardly malady.

Greed will take away

in a lightning wildfire flash

your golden mansion burned to ash.

Love is the only eternal.


    1. Hi, Sylvester 🤗. I’ve been feeling more coherent and at peace, thank you for your good wishes. I hope you’ve been well also. Peace is a wonderful state of mind🙏🙂


    1. I wish that too. We need good leaders that truly care not politicians. I hope the future brings positive change. Thank you, John. I hope you and your family are well too.

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