Poem: Denial is Unconscious Blindness and a video of Sue Black

Kingshuk Pal, unsplash.com

Denial is unconscious blindness

Denial is a coping mechanism

It refuses to see and listen to what it knows

Denial is unconscious blindness.

Discomfort makes you leave the room

You don’t want to know

but closing your eyes won’t make it go away.

Survivor’s need to be believed

now not decades later.

When we deny their truth

We’re guilty as complacent accomplices.

I know it’s horrifying to believe

that some seemingly normal people are monsters

capable of unspeakable horrors.

Look at Jeffrey Dahmer and Ted Bundy

they could be anyone’s neighbor rich or poor

camouflage is their weapon.

Fairytales used metaphors to teach us

those stories weren’t meant to entertain us

they were there to warn us

when we were too young to understand

dark creatures in gingerbread houses were pedophiles

eerie forests and spiraled towers

were their hunting grounds and dungeons

underground trolls like

Rumplestilskin the baby thief

big bad wolves are the rapists and cannibals that still exist

as they always have in the frame of decency

as camp counselors, preachers, parents and grandparents.

Victims are usually abused by trusted people they know.

Believe your child and protect them.

Teach them about predators

don’t teach them to be polite and nice.

Predators are cowards they want easy targets

they don’t want children who will fight.

Teach them to defend themselves

How to be aware of grooming

How fight for their lives with everything:

use house keys, pencils, scissors, fingers

poke their eyes out groin kick them and shout Rapist

Never let them take you as a prisoner

Die then where you are, not decades later imprisoned as a slave

Sudden death is much better than torture.

Self-defense should be taught in elementary schools

that’s how bad it’s gotten in our world.

There’s nothing greater that you can do

than rescuing a child from abuse.

“They didn’t believe the girl, because she wasn’t crying enough…1 of 6 people were sexually abused in the UK… 1 of 3 people will report the abuse…Let’s stop protecting our cars and start protecting our children.” Sue Black.

(exerpt from the 16:59 minute video clip), a jury ignored scientific evidence that a father was abusing his daughter and I think it’s because they were in denial. Denial isn’t harmless, it’s very dangerous. Standing up for truth is an act of bravery.


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