Are you an old soul?

Greg Rakozy,

I am 🤗, I knew this before watching this cute video clip, but it’s cool to have extra validation. I think this video clip accurately captures the qualities of an old soul.

Even when I was a child, I didn’t play with my peers during recess/playtime, mostly because I didn’t like competitive games, but also because I couldn’t relate to the kids my age, I talked with the adult volunteers who watched over the kids instead. I value my space and solitude, I’m philosophical, non-conformist and I think I can see patterns because I’m introverted/observant. I can’t relate to new trends, casual dating, small talk or superficial/materialistic things and I value a lifetime of learning. I’m empathetic, friends come to me for counseling, and I’m very intuitive and sensitive. It also confirms my Myers-Briggs personality type too.

Introversion isn’t valued in Western society but it’s ironic that introverts would probably be better leaders because they’re very observant and humble. I think introversion is a gift not a liability🙂💖

Many writers tend to be intuitive introverts and many introverts tend to be old souls…Are you an old soul too? If you are, give yourself a hug. You’re under-valued and under-appreciated but you are such a worthy and intelligent soul. 🙏💖


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