Poem: Darkness is afraid (haiku in 3 variations)


Darkness is afraid

Knows that love can destroy it

That’s why it haunts us.


It haunts us because

It knows that we’re made of love

It fears compassion.


It’s never too late

As long as you’re still alive

Choose to escape hate.

Some religious people seem to dislike the physical world, as if the earth itself was evil. They’re waiting for their real lives to begin after they die, they see this world as a prison. They don’t think life is meant to be enjoyed as if pleasure is from the devil/sin. But I think joy is a natural human state and so is sadness.

I think sin or evil comes from perversion of what’s natural. Eating is healthy, gluttony is unhealthy, self-esteem is healthy, narcissism is unhealthy; perversion is taking a natural thing and distorting or altering it.

For example, Sadomasochism is taking pain, humiliation torture and deriving pleasure from that negativity, at the core it’s a hateful energy that many people have been brainwashed to accept as normal sexuality. Choking during sex is about rape and murder, it has nothing to do with love.

Entertainment is full of social programming, books like Fifty Shades of Gray and Lolita are ways of normalizing perversion. When I was younger I thought kinky sex was about experimentation and liberation but it’s really about enslavement, violence, anger, hatred, desensitization and objectification. The more porn you watch, the more dulled your senses get, and the more depravity and hardcore acts are needed.

Goths seem to want to be dead. I don’t understand their attraction to darkness. What’s the allure of being a skull faced zombie?

I knew attractive men who were in their 30s that were intelligent and otherwise healthy, who couldn’t orgasm through regular sex, they watched so much porn in their lives that they needed to see or do hardcore sex acts to climax. I remember one who tried to shame me by saying that other women loved and wanted S&M, he said that they “begged for it”, I replied, “I’m sure they did, there’s a lot of women who were abused and brainwashed.”

Porn isn’t harmless or natural. Our brains aren’t meant to be constantly saturated with it, it’s a highly addictive form of mind control. It trains us to think that it’s normal to choke, degrade and brutalize. Where does all of that psychopathic mentality come from? Why celebrate pain? Sex is about connection not power-tripping.

I think that even if this world is morally broken while we’re alive we all contribute energy to the system. We’re creative, we’re not passive sponges anymore. They can’t trick us to watch their films or listen to their music or worship their celebrities. That’s why they’re acting so desperate. They’ve lost control. We don’t need them anymore. They’re living dead demigods who’ve fallen into skeletons from Humpty Dumpty rotten eggs. Awareness is clarity, darkness is ignorance.


  1. Wow! That was intense. I’m still processing it. I definitely agree about perversion and pain being evil and that their antidote is love. But love in the extreme can also be debilitating. For instance, despite my Catholic upbringing I find it hard to turn the other cheek, real and figuratively. I guess its the human being in me. Love can also kill you, especially when you love too much(?). But how much is too much. Thanks for summoning my demons and my angels.

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    1. I agree with you, Dan. Misguided love can be destructive and addictive. I tend to forgive but not forget, so maybe I’m not quite forgiving, 😇 but I think continually accepting abuse is unhealthy. We all have our light and dark sides but I think our angelic side keeps the world from total chaos.

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